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About Jet Covers (Jet Trim).
Here below, we have categories of small, medium and large jets - to help you find the right one. We have also added links to other types of jets (Jacuzzi™, air bath caps, etc.) and jet parts (bodies, flanges, etc.).

The picture at left shows a typical whirlpool system; however, this is only a general example - there are actually many different jet models and styles.

Many jets are easy to identify by their distinctive appearance, but if you don't find your model, or are not sure, send us photos at If possible, show the part front and back, and the part it fits into. Photos of ALL OTHER parts on the bath can be helpful, too, as is knowing the bath manufacturer.

NOTE: If you are looking for "JET COVERS" that close off, or seal jets against water, unfortunately, there are no products on the market for this purpose!

Small Jets...

Small Jets

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Front diameter:
less than 2IN

Medium Jets...

Medium Jets

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Front diameter:
from 2 IN to 3 IN

Large Jets...

Large Jets

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Front diameter:
more than 3 IN.


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Air Bath Caps

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Jets Parts

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Flanges, Nuts, Gaskets, Bodies, Nozzle and Complete jets...

Service Parts

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Spa jets

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